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Dear Friends:

As we age, we all slow down a certain bit—what with normal wear and tear, disease, and accident.  Well, I’ve been laid up with a repaired umbilical hernia and several diseases and degenerations and other things you don’t want to know about.  Consequently, my energy has led to reduced writing efforts.

As a result, I’m combining all my blogs into one.  So, political, personal, and literary blog entries will all appear on the same blog.  I will combine them all on the Notes for Ramey site:   I will also be adding a few older entries that you may have missed.  This blog will be a real find for you now.  Please visit as often as you can.  Tell your friends!  Subscribe!  Comment!  Send me emails!   I’ll have it going within the week after I chase all the nurses away.

Thanks to all:  TNM


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Good-bye Osama! Wave to Adolphe!

*I’m very glad Osama bin Ladin is dead.  I applaud the efforts of the US Navy Seal Teams and the Intelligence backing them.  I applaud the action of Obama giving the go-ahead for a dangerous foray into a foreign Country—knowing there will be backlash.  The success of this raid took many years of planning and effort from the US Military, the US Intelligence Services, and the administration of George Bush to set the stage for Barack Obama to act.

The question now is:  where’s the proof?  Any and all photos and videos need to be released immediately no matter the sudden Victorian prudery of the Administration.  I think the people who experienced their love ones being torn to pieces on 9/11 can bear to see the bloodied body of a homocidal maniac.  Besides, for an Administration slowly pushing us financially and socially into the dark ages, I find it’s reticence to show the photos curious.  Is it the low poll numbers?  Does he need to stretch this one success out?  Why does it take so long for him to come to an obvious decision?  Since Obama has never been particularly honest, how can we believe him now?  Does it really take that long to photoshop?

I have no objection to the washing of bin Ladin’s body and dressing it in a shroud like he always carried around with him.  But I stop short at approving the quick burial at sea with a religious funeral.  Bury him at sea?  Just throw him to the sharks.  Religious funeral?  He wasn’t a Muslim.  In fact, I don’t think he was much of anything.  And we needed to delay burial and examine his body with a little more detail.

By the time you read this, I’m sure some Resolution has been made by Obama [as long as it’s not his scratched desk, right?.]  Let’s hope it’s the correct one.

*Why doesn’t Al-Quaeda give their bombers a little taste before killing themselves?  Oh, I see.  All the Muslim virgins are gone.  They’ve been murdered and raped as part of the Muslim culture.  So, the logical question appears.  Where are all these virgins in the Muslim Heaven going to come from?  There are only so many convents that the Muslim tribes haven’t destroyed.  Don’t any of the potential bombers wonder about this dearth of glory?  Of course not.  They’re still mired in the Seventh Century, fantasies and all.

*Donald Trump has shown his Democrat/Liberal leanings in the past using invasive government to do his bidding, so why is he suddenly declaring Republican and Presidential candidate?  He’s very smart, and very tricky.  He’s totally for Obama, and anything he does is calculated to help Obama get re-elected.  By bringing up the birth certificate of Obama [he really hasn’t shown a real US one], he gains notoriety and some Conservative backing, and he defuses the issue for the election cycle.  By declaring himself Republican [and then Independent when he isn’t the Republican candidate] he gathers much support.  All the current Trump criticism about Obama cannot to be trusted.  His plan is to go Independent and siphon votes from the Republicans, thus leading to a victory by Obama.  He’ll probably get a Cabinet or Czar appointment in return.  No thanks Mr Hairy ego.  You’re too Liberal for us.  [Another pertinent opinion, this one by Michelle Malkin:  ]

*Per Fox News in early April:  “…Girl feels excluded by the words ‘Heavenly Father’ and ‘amen’ on banner in school’s auditorium…”  I saw and heard this girl in a video clip, and she’s nothing but an ACLU shill looking for her fifteen minutes.  It’s clear that she’s being manipulated by her lawyer and ACLU.  The Constitution guarantees the free expression of religion.  Atheism is not a religion.  Therefore, she has no right to interfere with other’s freedom of religious expression.  ACLU—via this girl—is upset at ‘Heavenly Father’ and ‘Amen’ but have not problem with rap music’s often disgusting lyrics, the murder of unborn children, or the continued Democrat attack on the US.  A pox on her, and the usual pox on those idiots at ACLU.

*Does President Obama have a passport?  Does he need one?  If so, how can he get one without a real birth certificate?

*As heard on the Glen Beck program and in print elsewhere: “…The State Department reportedly will propose a new questionnaire for ‘some’ passport applicants — an otherwise uneventful bit of news if it weren’t for the questions themselves. Nearly impossible to remember details such as all addresses since birth, lifetime employment history including employer and supervisor names, addresses, and telephone numbers; mother’s address one year prior to your birth and on and on and on. Fail to provide any details? It ‘may result in the denial of your U.S. passport application’ the form states. Why in the world would they want to do this?..” — Keep all this in mind when you think about the President.  He didn’t have to answer any questions to be a candidate or President.  He didn’t even prove he’s a citizen of the United States—and why would someone pay millions of dollars to keep his birth certificate and student records and records of his State Senatorship secret if there is nothing to hide?

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The Elephant and the Donkey

*Whyfore the Donkey?  It first appeared as a symbol for the Democrat Party in the time of Andrew Jackson [1830s.]  It continued as a symbol, along with a [crowing] rooster up through the 1880s.  Thomas Nast, the cartoonist, first used the Donkey symbol in an 1870 cartoon, ‘A Live Jackas*s Kicking a Dead Lion.  The donkey [or as*s] has long been the representation of ignorance, and we can find examples in Aesop’s ‘Fables,’ Apuleius’s ‘The Golden As*s,’ and Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’  In the twentieth—and now the twenty-first—century, the donkey symbol has grown to be the perfect denotation of what the Democrat Party is and and how it acts:  Common sense!  Common decency!  Common truth!  Oh, wherefore art thou in the heart of the left?

On the other hand, the Republicans have the Elephant.  Since Roman times, the Elephant has been a sign of strength.  It seems to have been applied as a representation of the Republican Party since an Illinois newspaper used it in commenting on the 1860 Presidential Campaign of Abraham Lincoln.  Cartoonist Thomas Nast, who was a steadfast Republican, cemented its use [as best a cartoonist could] in welcoming the Elephant as the symbol for Republican Party in an 1874 cartoon.  He was attracted by the animal’s great size, intelligence, strength, and dignity.

Hmmm.  Should I choose a Party with a symbol of ignorance or a symbol of strength, intelligence and dignity?  A really hard decision, isn’t it?  Especially since the symbols fit the parties so well.

*Treasury pays out 8 times the income during March:  Sounds about right for a bankrupt Country.

*George Soros is at it again.  “The country could, actually, absorb some more debt in order to get the economy going,” George Soros told Bloomberg television over the weekend.  [a few weeks ago]  Just as an example, let’s reduce Soros’ income to less than his expenses and freeze all his assets.  I wonder how long he could get by with more borrowing?  What is his limit?  With frozen assets and a poor income flow, he’d be bankrupt very soon.  [and his World would be falling to pieces around him—not a bad thing.]

*We note that the California Federation of Teachers has voiced support for a convicted cop killer [Muslim.]  The union is putting itself up as a judicial organization of the pardon while it’s idling around—sometimes even teaching our kids the basics of socialism and weenie-ism.

*We have the Muslim nations of Africa and the Middle East in turmoil.  Some in the West are hailing these revolutions as a victory for Democracy.  I see it as a consolidation of the Muslim Brotherhood and the complete subjugation of the citizens in each Country as they all mass together to forge Muslim influence.  Things won’t get better, nor will the citizenry have any freedom in the long run.  They’ll get worse with the Muslim religious fanatics taking over Country after Country while all the population is pushed back into 7th Century living quality—except for the elite Muslims, of course.

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Speedo to Sharko!!

*From the Press-Telegram [via AP] in Paramount CA:  “The assistant principal at a California high school has been placed on leave after a campus talent show where male students pranced seductively in underwear and Speedos…”  Was this ‘show and tell’?  And these teachers are the ones who expect high pay and obtuse benefits for this?

*Fox  “In final edits leading up to the vote, conservatives rejected language to modernize the classification of historic periods to B.C.E. and C.E. from the traditional B.C. and A.D. They also required that public school students in Texas evaluate efforts by global organizations such as the United Nations to undermine U.S. sovereignty.  During the months’ long process of creating the guidelines, conservatives successfully strengthened the requirements on teaching the Judeo-Christian influences of the nation’s Founding Fathers and attempted to water down rationale for the separation of church and state…The standards will refer to the U.S. government as a “constitutional republic,” rather than “democratic,” and students will be required to study the decline in the value of the U.S. dollar, including the abandonment of the gold standard.”

[Me:  The trouble with leaving the history writing to historians is that many are Liberal and they freely allow their Liberal ideology to drip into their writing.  Besides, these are only guidelines, they aren’t the actual writing.  The Liberal bias in schoolbooks has for years brought about the so-called ‘education’ of a bunch of Liberal non-thinkers.  The worst of the lot show themselves here with their hatred and mis-educated thoughts.  They aren’t evil, they’re just ignorant of truth and even-ness in society—like slavery.  Most comments [on this article] I’ve seen are wrong.  Slavery was wrong but it was accepted in society for a number of years.  That doesn’t make it right.  These people were educated into such a mindset, just like the Liberals of today were taught intolerance and incorrect history based on the leftist view.]

* [via AP by Christina Hoag]:  “Next month’s opening [September 2010] of the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools will be auspicious for a reason other than its both storied and infamous history as the former Ambassador Hotel, where the Democratic presidential contender was assassinated in 1968…With an eye-popping price tag of $578 million, it will mark the inauguration of the nation’s most expensive public school ever…”  And we wonder why education eats up so much money and produces so little in result.  This type of spending is obscene, and it should never be repeated—even by a small percentage.

* [via Chuck Norris]: “The Arabic studies program — funded by a five-year, $1.3 million Foreign Language Assistance Program federal grant — was to begin this semester at Cross Timbers Intermediate School [TX] and then spread to neighboring schools in the Mansfield Independent School District.  Thank God for the parental passions and patriot fires of the almost 200 parents who showed up at a meeting last week to question the wisdom of school officials. They are fighting in their own personal education Alamo and presently have the upper hand. For the moment, the school district has backed off plans for its Arabic studies program.  With 14 percent of American adults (32 million) incapable of reading a newspaper or instructions on a prescription bottle, don’t you think federal monies could be put to better use by helping Americans learn to read and write English?..”  Per Barbara Bush: ” ‘I’m against English as a second language. My great-grandmother came here as a German. She didn’t have someone give her English as a second language. She learned it in three months. It’s survival.’ ” — Common sense does sometimes prevail over the Third Worlder Liberals.

* [Say No to Psychiatry]: “Modern education, especially as it exists in the government controlled public schools, has deteriorated continually over the past 100 years. There are no “education specialists” who aren’t now actually behavioral psychologists or psychiatrists. The field of psychology has very much taken over the public school system, and is doing its best to take over private schools. Through covert tactics, extensive lobbying efforts, and setting government mandated “educational standards”, even home-schooling may have to conform to the dictates of psychologists…”

[Me:  Sadly, this rings the bell of truth.]

*Michelle Obama continues to speak out about fat and obesity, especially in children.  Nevertheless, while in Aspen over Presidents Day Weekend she enjoyed a braised pork short-rib dinner, boasting of [meat only] 1575 calories, 142 grams of fat, and 287 grams cholesterol.  I guess it’s still the old Liberal mantra:  do as I say, not as I do.

*Obama claims to be a home brewer, but does he actually do the brewing?  Probably not.  His chefs are the ones doing it.  Doesn’t that remove the process from the term ‘home brewing?’  If he or Michelle isn’t actually doing the work, then the 1978 law doesn’t apply.  So.  Does he have a liquor license like the micro-brewers must have?  Does he pay all the federal and state taxes on the production?  I doubt very much he does.  Aren’t the chefs public employees?  Isn’t he using them for personal aggrandizement?  Shouldn’t he be prosecuted for breaking the law?

Obama and wife at the pub

*All 3rd World Countries and the UN want the US to give money and aid all over the World for their benefits—whether disaster strikes or not.  The UN wants to redistribute US money to other Countries who waste what they have.  They assume the US is inexhaustibly rich.  They assume wrong.  Besides, why aren’t the Chinese handing out money left and right?  Isn’t their economy booming?  We’re headed towards an equalized World—everyone and every Country will be poor except China.  Way to go oh Liberal thinking!

* There is a story on National Geographic Channel about a killer whale fighting and killing a great white shark in the ocean.  The whale ate the shark’s liver and moved on.  Where is the wrath of the Liberals?  Compare that to a human hunting and killing a large animal, say a predatory lion or tiger, eating just the liver and leaving the body for the scavengers [who have to eat to live as well.]

In the latter case, the Liberal’s and media would be tripping over themselves to destroy the hunter, blaming it on the NRA, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and George Bush.  It shows the lack of understanding of people and animals on this planet.  In the Bible, God gives man dominion over all the animal life on Earth.  Should we hunt down and destroy that killer whale for destroying another animal?

Should a man be excoriated for doing the same thing?  Does having a choice condemn the man?  Who knows the reasoning behind the whale’s attack?  Of course man—us—should exercise caution and restraint in handling animals.  But does that correlate with a man-eating predator?  It’s not like there was a mass extinction—which by the way is the natural order.  I believe something like 90% of all animal life ever on earth has become extinct.  We may be responsible for some, but certainly so tiny a percentage of the total as to be miniscule.  Our Liberal friends and animal lovers must get a grip and face reality.  Human rights are not endowed upon other animals.

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The Ballots, the Vote, and New Year’s Wishes


*It’s absolutely ridiculous that some States were late in sending out their absentee ballots, especially those to our troops.  There is no excuse for disenfranchising parts of our citizenship and military.  If the problem is the primaries, they should all be held before the ballot mailing-out date, allowing for printing.  And there’s no excuse for allowing two weeks after election day to count the returned ballots.  These things can be properly counted in a much shorter span of time.  The extra time probably allows a very small percentage of late mailed ballots to arrive.  These can still be counted.  But the majority received within a week should be counted within a few days of election day.  All the extra time allows the Democrat machine to challenge and eliminate votes [or find them in car trunks]—the latter which will likely be heavy in Democrat votes.  I suggest States and municipalities put on extra supervised help to count them 24hrs each day.  If they need money, they should reduce other budgets by 1%, or reduce executive salaries by 10%.  That would be especially fruitful for those municipalities with executives earning a ridiculous $500 K to a $million.  It would also seem fair to assess all candidates a %age sum from their campaign contributions to pay for the vote counting.

*It’s time to support the many sheriffs around the Country [and ultimately ourselves] in their efforts to stem the illegal immigration flood.  One idea is to sue ACLU for aiding, abetting, and otherwise supporting illegal aliens breaking our laws.  Others:  have the border States declare emergencies and seal off their southern borders with State Guard troops; pressure the Federal Government to act to find and deport illegal immigrants; it’s not racism to stop and search those races having the majority of illegal immigrants.  [Does one search Tall or Short men when the perp is identified as being 5′ 4″?]  Federal Democrats and the Obama administration have made it clear they won’t control the inflow.  [Thus abrogating their Constitutional directives.]  Why?  Simple.  They want votes from the illegals and their ethnic brothers.   And that’s why they’re pushing the Dream Act.  Get wise Americans before we go bankrupt funding these people with medical care and welfare.

*Despite the questionable Constitutionality, I think it’s time to revisit the Alien Friends’ Act:  “The Alien Friends Act (officially An Act Concerning Aliens; ch. 58, 1 Stat. 570—passed during an undeclared Naval war with France: the Quasi War) authorized the president to deport any resident alien considered “dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States.” It was activated June 25, 1798, with a two year expiration date.”  We’re at war with the terrorists now, and we’re fighting for our survival.  We need this protection.  We can’t just sit around while the terrorists vegetate and then suddenly blow something up killing people with abandon.  This is especially horrendous since, for in many cases, we know who these guys are.  We’re reaching a position of choice: protect the rights of the terrorists to terrorize us or protect ourselves by getting rid of them.  Having a fine Constitution doesn’t mean much when you’re dead.

*According to the pc politician, Michael Posner[Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Michael Posner]: “…we have to deal with issues of discrimination or potential discrimination…”  I guess that means that Hispanics [legal and illegal] and Blacks will be favored everywhere just because of their race, and the ‘possibility’ of discrimination somewhere or sometime.  Never mind that the Blacks and Hispanics are interested in their own progress, and not in what the government can legislate for them.  Never mind the existent majority of Americans from Ireland, Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany, Thailand, China, Japan etc.—or even the Indian [American and Asian] populations who aren’t so favored by these ill-conceived laws.  The majority of Americans are the ones being discriminated against these days.  Never mind need, decide things based on race so you can’t be called a racist.  And be sure to bow down to Muslims in America [who train terrorists, condemn America, and threaten free speech and our actual existence] to show how tolerant you are of the intolerant, misogynistic ‘religion of peace’—the latter being an oxymoron.  Like the old joke, it’s a matter of ‘piece’, as in ‘a piece of this and a piece of that’ until even the left is locked out.  How do like them apples, Mr Posner?  Should we call you an American apologist first and an American citizen second?

*When you have thousands of Muslims dancing in the streets in numerous Mid-Eastern cities when the twin towers were destroyed and nearly 3,000 Americans were killed, I don’t believe you can claim that ‘Muslim extremists’ are the problem. The problem is in the Muslim Koran, religious commentaries and traditions and exhortations about death to infidels and the old ‘spreading the religion by the sword’—as was demonstrated when the Moors attacked and controlled for some time European countries who didn’t want them there. It took Charles ‘the Hammer’ Martel to finally stop their march. [Among others at the time.]  People talk about their buildings these days instead of the many thousands—if not millions—of people killed so that the Muslims could conquer the territories of the ‘infidels.’ And of course, they built celebration Mosques where they conquered the locals [sound familiar New York?] There’s little if anything peaceful about the ‘religion’ [I still maintain that it’s nothing more than a violent cult] and there’s much to fear about the way the Muslims react to criticism or human rights.  [What’s a few bombings, beheadings, tortures, beatings, etc. among friends?  Eh?]

*Taxpayers Beware

You’ve been hearing about the politicians squabbling over the ‘Bush Tax Cuts’ expiring on December 31.  They aren’t the only difficulties facing taxpayers.  Consider these:

The so-called Bush Tax Cuts expiring; those cuts from 2001 and 2003:

Personal income tax rates will rise: 10% to 15%; 25% to 28%; 28% to 31%; 33% to 36%; and 35% to 39.6%.  The latter rate is that which subjects 2/3rds of all small business profits.  Itemized deductions and personal exemptions will phase out according to income.

The narrower tax brackets for married couples [the marriage penalty] will return from the first dollar of income; the child tax credit will be cut from $1000 to $500; the standard deduction won’t be doubled for married couples [from the single deduction]; dependent care and adoption tax credits will be cut.

There is currently no estate tax at death.  For estates created after January 1, the top rate will again be 55% on estates over $1 million.  The latter could be reached by taxpayers with two homes and an IRA.

Capital Gains tax rates will rise from 15% to 20%.  The dividends tax goes from 15% to 39.6%.

See anything in there that involves only millionaires?  I didn’t think so.  Don’t believe all the rhetoric from the left.

As for ObamaCare, we want it repealed or defunded and defanged when the GOP comes in.  But, until then you have even more taxes to look forward to next month.

ObamaCare prevents you from using your Health Savings Account [HSA], Flexible Spending Account [FSA] or Health Reimbursement Account [HRA] to purchase non-prescription, over-the-counter medications.

A new cap for FSAs will be $2500 as opposed to the current no limit.  This will devastate parents of special needs children, who must pay for special schools and programs for their kids with only after-tax income.

An increase in tax penalty for early withdrawals from an HSA from 10% to 20%.

And the full Obamacare program isn’t scheduled to start until 2014—AFTER OBAMA IS GONE!!!

Also scheduled for 2011:

A multi-$billion tax assessment on brand-name drug manufacturers.  Like all other excise taxes, these will increase the cost of medications to you and me.

NB:  “The IRS is now empowered to disallow perfectly-legal tax deductions and maneuvers merely because it judges that the deduction or action lacks “economic substance.”  This is obviously an arbitrary empowerment of IRS agents,” says Americans for Tax Reform

NB: Employers will be required to report the costs of provided Health Insurance on your 2011 W-2.  While this isn’t a tax, it’ll make it very easy for the taxation of these health benefits very soon.  The aren’t asking requiring this information for nothing, you know.

And there’s a lot more coming folks.  Each month, our friends down in Washington are doing their best to bankrupt and subjugate us.  We took one step to correct the horrors in 2010.  Now we’ve got to finish the job in 2012.  Tea and muffins for the masses!  Just don’t use incandescent  lightbulbs.

*How interesting is the word ‘Vote.’

The word comes from the late Middle Ages; it’s from the Latin ‘votum’, a vow.

Its formal Ask definition is ‘a formal expression of opinion or choice, either positive or negative, made by an individual or body of individuals’ or ‘the means by which such expression is made, as a ballot, ticket, etc.  As a verb, Ask says ‘to express or signify will or choice in a matter, as by casting a ballot: to vote for president.  Or with an object, ‘to enact, establish, or determine by vote: to vote a proposed bill into a law.

Mix the letters a bit, and you have ‘Veto.’  Veto comes from about 1629, from the Latin ‘veto’, literally ‘I forbid.  It was used by Roman tribunes who opposed measure of the Senate or magistrates.  The verb is recorded from 1706, 1620-30…’

Ask goes on to say: ‘to reject [a proposed bill or enactment] by exercising a Veto.’  Or ‘to prohibit emphatically.’

Using three of letters gives us ‘Vet.’  While the main use of that word is ‘short for ‘veterinarian’, many of us use it as ‘short for ‘veteran.’ [It’s also used as a verb to describe a process of investigation of a person’s background.]

And isn’t ‘Vet’ an apt word derived from the noun ‘vote?’  For it was the active duty military who constantly protect us and keep us safe.  They give us protection for our Constitution and way of life, and without them we could never have a ‘free vote.’  And we should never forget that.  The Soldiers and Sailors and Marines and Airmen and Coast Guard are on duty 24/7, and we’re appreciative of their efforts.  Their existence is a necessary component of our Country’s survival, and we should never force them to undertake unnecessary burdens—especially those thrust upon them to be ‘politically correct.’  We are wrong to be restricting their abilities to protect us by requiring ridiculous rules of engagement that practically give the enemy standing targets.

And if we take the word ‘Veto’ and exchange an ‘i’ for an ‘e’, we have my grandfather’s name, Vito.

*  For the New Year, these would be great gifts to the Nation, especially if retro-active to include those politicians in office now:

1.  Islam would reform from a cult to a religion.  It should split, leaving all the hate and violence to the extremists, purge the hate from the revamped Koran—it was made up of bits and pieces and aberrations of comments and Jewish and Christian items to temper all the hate, misogynism, and violence in the original.  The religion-arising-from-the-cult should actively fight against terrorism, cut the hate rhetoric from it’s Imams [fire them and jail them if possible—preferably Guantanamo or some other appropriate place.  ‘Gulag’ comes to mind.]  It’s only through reforms like these than peace has a chance in the US and the World.  It’ll never happen, but it’s still a good idea.

2.  Plea bargains should not be permitted for ethics violations; a public trial should be held and shown on C-Span; conviction should lead to expulsion from the House or the Senate.  Charlie and Maxine call your offices.

3.  Financial information required from Representatives, Senators, the President, and other administration officials should be more exact and specific, allowing no wiggle room.  Spousal ownership should not be permitted to create a loophole.

4. Send our armed forces in great numbers to root out the drug lords, sellers, and cartels operating in the US and terrifying and destroying our citizens.  Catch them and send them where the Sun don’t shine!   Sic the IRS on them after the army builds barbed wire fences around them.  Retain the illegality of drugs, but tax confiscatingly the profits of the drug lords. [Say a straight rate of 99%]  We should also stop public funding of any leftist cause, especially PBS, NPR, and the NEA.

5.  Identify and deport all illegal aliens immediately if not sooner.  Sorry for the disruption of families, but we didn’t invite you here, especially to destroy our welfare resources.  And take your kids with you.  Since they’re mostly Mexican, the reasonable stopping of Hispanic lawbreakers cannot be considered racial profiling.  This is a matter of National Security.  Reducing the costs created by the illegals would go a long way towards spurring economic recovery.  If some of these aliens want to take the legal way to enter this Country and become citizens, they would be welcomed with open arms just like all other immigrants who have made the effort.

6.  Term limits are a must for all political offices.  It’s time to return to the citizen-politician.  National elective political office should not be a career.  Petitioning for a vote of confidence of the President should be permitted.  If 60% of the vote taken agrees, the second vote of the electorate should decide on confidence or not.  If the President loses, he and his administration must call a Presidential election within 90 days.  The new administration should be sworn in within 60 days of the election.  No Presidential pardons allowed during the lame duck period.  We have a dangerous, un-American man in the White House these days who’s dismantling our Country, and we need a way to remove him without getting stuck with Joe Biden.  Remember, it’s a matter of survival.

7.  Appropriate applications should be completed for those aspiring to all political offices.  [See my blog of 7/31/10]

8.  Liberalism, especially the far left type, should be added to the Psychiatric book of disorders and treated appropriately.

Aahh!  Now those are gifts to be proud of.

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Friends, a short time ago, I received an email from my brother [the well-known ‘dhimmitude’ email], and I passed it on to a few others.  Recently, I received back a nasty comment of an email, and I wanted to answer it.  If, after reading this you still disagree with me, by all means comment on it—or if you need anonymity, email me at

Here is the email:  “In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, this is bull. Please don’t send me things that are not carefully fact checked, no matter how much you think they support racism and religious intolerance.”

To my Liberal friend:

First to the actual words on your email.  What I sent you is not ‘bull, I do know the facts, and I resent your insult about racism and religious intolerance.  For the latter, you owe me an apology.  Make sure you provide one.

In re your reference to Fact  I assume you know the difference between apples and oranges?  Now, I’ve plowed through the ObamaCare law completely.  Have you?  Fact Check is talking about health insurance per the employer point of view.  [The entity who’s supposed to offer the insurance.] —and I wouldn’t take a terrorist leaning group’s quotes too seriously.  [CAIR]  The whole Fact Check article talks about health insurance from only one point of view, which doesn’t refute anything in the subject email since the latter is based on the personal point of view: i.e., the person who’s supposed to buy the insurance.  A simple but profound difference.  Fact Check [a Liberal site] is so quick to attack an email that it backs it’s own claim by talking about something else.  And you didn’t pick up on the difference?

The writer of the original email may have been upset, though I think it was written purposely to get others upset…a sort of wake-up call—something that’s certainly needed.  And PC Democrats/Liberals are in great need of it.  As the old joke goes about the recalcitrant talking mule, ‘you have to hit him over the head with a two x four to get his attention.  And sometimes hyperbole can be very effective when warning people about the dangers confronting them.

Many Islamic scholars [such as Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajjid] “…criticize the system of conventional insurance [health or otherwise] as exploitive and unjust…”  The many illegal Muslims [read terrorists, because that’s why they’re here illegally] will demand free healthcare when they need it.  Someone who’s willing to blow himself up is certainly not going to shell out money to buy a detested insurance policy.  His 72 virgins wouldn’t approve.  The part of the ObamaCare law  pertaining to exemptions is very vague and open to interpretation, which is how laws are written so as to provide wiggle room and increase the income of lawyers in general.  And this one will be exploited—probably by more than the Amish and the Muslims.  But based on the Washington climate at the moment, the Muslims get pretty much whatever they want, and that includes this exemption.

In a recent poll it was said that 45% of the Muslim responders would seek an exemption:  “I would seek an exemption on religious grounds.  I believe conventional insurance is haraam [an Arabic term meaning forbidden.]

The term ‘dhimmitude’ was first used in 1982 by Lebanese President Bachia Gemayel.  It was based on the Arabic word ‘dhimmi’, a protected [read subjugated,] non-Muslim resident in a Sharia law state.  ‘Dhimmitude’ was meant to mean concession, surrender, and appeasement toward Islamic demands.  And that’s exactly what’s happening in our country today.

French writer Bat Ye’or [in an Italian magazine] used the term to ‘represent a behavior dictated by fear [terrorism], pacifism when aggressed.’ ‘By their peaceful surrender to the Islamic Army [terrorists and maniacs—you know the kind], they obtained the security for their life, belongings and religion, but they had to accept a condition of inferiority, spoliation, and humiliation.’  When the entire Muslim world is shouting death to the West, beheading and bombing people, and using petro-dollars to fund all sorts of terrorism throughout the World—including against their fellow Muslims; when they dance in the streets at the news of the fall of the World Trade Center buildings—these are the attempts to subjugate the West and force it to accept Muslim presence and culture, in effect to force ‘dhimmitude.’  [And the conquest Muslim center near ground zero is another slap in the face.]

The purpose of the original email—though I would have prepared it differently—is to shock people to wake up and see what is happening in this Country, especially in this administration.  When the President kowtows to foreign potentates; sends state laws to the UN for review; bankrupts the economy; follows junk science; takes over private businesses; appoints socialists, crooks and tax cheats to Federal offices; attempts to force socialism on the country; and even refuses to release his birth and education records, what are the people supposed to think and do?

Nowhere in the original email is there a mention of race or racism.  You have simply followed the Liberal mantra of injecting ‘racism’ into anything you want, probably just to muddy the waters.  I thought you were smarter than that.  And, if you’d ever read my blogs, you’d see that I never present racist writing or thoughts nor do I condone them.  If I ever mention the subject, I’m specific about it.  We are talking here about Muslims, and they can be of any race.  So don’t read your own motives into someone else’s writing so you can throw out the term ‘racism’ and feel good about yourself.

As to religion, you won’t find religious intolerance in the original email or in anything I’ve ever said or wrote.  I consider Islam a violent cult, not a religion.  It’s akin to the Thuggee cult of in 19th Century India.  There’re also the violent ‘Kali’ or ‘Kali Ma’ cults—men hating ones.  And Islam proves itself as a violent cult every day with its innate barbarism [female circumcision, beheadings, ‘honor’ killings etc.] and misogyny.  It’s a cult that seems stuck in the seventh Century.  So don’t feed yourself with the pap that: people genuinely afraid of the growing Muslim presence and influence create an act of religious intolerance.  They don’t. [Who we need is a modern-day Charles ‘the Hammer’ Martel.]  Despite what Obama says, this is a predominantly Christian Country.  And most people want it to remain so.

One sentence in the original email I have a beef with is: ‘The ObamaCare bill is the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States.’  I can acknowledge that this statement isn’t true—at least on the face of it.  But one must take into consideration the whole ObamaCare law.  The entire law leaves enough loopholes to make Socialism and dhimmitude perfectly reasonable inferences from the details.  And people all around the Country are genuinely in fear.  [To paraphrase from the Terminator: ‘it will not stop, and it’ll keep on coming until it conquers you.’]  Between that fear and the economic, social, political disaster based in the Congress and the White House, you can see where all the anger is coming from.

I also take exception to the idea that ‘Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured.  Islam considers insurance to be ‘gambling’, ‘risk-taking’, and ‘usury’ and is thus banned.  Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this.’  — There is no specificity in the law.  These complaints are a little over the top, but they indicate what the fearful public is experiencing with the Democrats [Nancy Pelosi] saying ‘we have to pass the bill so we can know what’s in it’, the President kowtowing to anything foreign, and the easy acceptance of everything Muslim in the White House.  Most people, including Representatives and Senators still haven’t read and don’t know what’s in the law.  Just try to quiz one.

So, ,,, , if you want discourse, then by all means start one with me.  Either email me your comments or add them to the blogs.  And be specific with real examples of your concern.  Don’t just call things you don’t agree with ‘bull’ or throw in ‘racism’ because as a Liberal you think you think you have to.

I’m sending a modified copy of this to all the people I forwarded the original email to—just in case there are some Liberals out there who might think like you and need their minds opened.

Keep an open mind when reading the articles linked below .  You might learn something.  Both Dr Walter Williams and Dr Thomas Sowell are respected economists, teachers, and authors.  And I suggest you do your own thinking and research on subjects for discussion, and stop relying on Liberal tripe.  Your mind will feel cleaner.

Walter Williams

Thomas Sowell

Mervyn F Bendle

“Wherever Islam goes, so goes its ethos.” – Amil Imani

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Know Nothings, Mud Pies and Light Bulbs

* In Salena Zito’s column: ‘A Democrat Rebellion in West Virginia’ of 4/19/10: Voter and businessman “Chuck Wheeler says: …he loves the health-care bill but admits he has no idea what’s in it or if his employees will benefit from it.”

— This is a difficult problem to overcome with these Democrat voters everywhere.  Just like the members of  Congress, they have no idea what’s in the law or how much it will cost or how it will affect them.  They just vote Democrat out of habit and misinformation.  And the problem is expanded by the many other laws that Congress passes but doesn’t understand or read.  It just shows that the Republican/Conservative battle is going to be a hard one.

*British police arrested several people because they made a You Tube video of themselves burning the Koran.  Apparently there’s a law in Britain against such acts of ‘religious hatred.’  This is a joke.  Most of the religious hatred in the World comes from the Muslims.  The law was passed in 2006 to mollify the growing Muslim contingent in the UK.  It was done mostly from fear, just like all the other Countries with growing Muslim populations threatening the citizenry.  But around here, there’s no law against the anti-American rants and violence of some Muslims and radical blacks.  As Jeremiah Wright screamed often:  ‘God Dam America.’  Which action do you think is worse?  Burning a Koran or sticking a crucifix in a bottle of urine [government grant]?  Or the rants of Muslims and radical blacks?

*I get tired of reading negative Liberal comments on the Internet about Sarah Palin.  These liberals have no idea who or what she is [or they do and are afraid of her.]  They just follow the panicky Liberal mud throwers and their insistence on repeating lies.  The Liberal problem is really simple.  The Libs believe everything SNL and Tina Fey say about Palin.  They even quote Tina Fey—attributing such inanity to Sarah Palin.  Sarah is a refreshing change in the American political climate.  And I applaud her for being able to stand firm despite all the bashing and lies being told about her and her family by the Democrat/Liberal tripe-meisters.

*One of the reasons many climatologists keep to the global warming hysteria is that it represents their continuing fifteen minutes of fame—a fifteen minutes that is being lengthened by the fawning, know-nothing media.

*I know I’ve been critical of many TV ads over the years, but my criticism has been based on grammar, communication, and the misleading of the advertisers.  Still, the ads continue to state how ‘we’re worth it’; ‘be all that you can’; ‘make your own choice’; and the like.  Compare that to big government—especially that espoused by the Liberals—that wants to make the decisions like ‘you’re too old to worry about’ [Obamacare]; tax you into compliance; take your money and spend it on an illegal aliens and too many lazy, fraudulent, takers; and so on.

*As posted in Real Clear Politics, are some Nancy Pelosi comments about unemployment:  “‘It injects demand into the economy,’ Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said of unemployment checks.  ‘It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.’  Pelosi calls unemployment checks a ‘stimulus’ that is a ‘double benefit’ helping ‘those who lost their jobs’ and at the same serves as a ‘job creator’.  ‘It’s impossible to think of a situation where we would have a country that would say ‘we’re not going to have unemployment benefits,” Pelosi said.” — Correct me if I’m wrong, but I tend to doubt unemployment checks create jobs.  They don’t create anything. They simply try to replace part of an unemployed person’s lost paycheck.  They help buy food and clothing and pay mortgages and utilities.

*About Anne Coulter’s column of 9/01/10 “Obama is Not a Muslim.”  — I rarely disagree with Ann, but this is one of those times.  While I can accept her claims and proofs that Obama is an Atheist, she doesn’t once explain any of Obama’s activities making his Muslim ‘cult’ membership.  Born and raised a Muslim, with a Muslim father and step-father, makes you a Muslim for life.  His claim of Christianity is spurious, but if it were true, then he’d be marked for death by the Muslims, who don’t permit conversions.  His bending over backwards to approve and promote the Muslim ‘cult’—often to the exclusion of Christianity and Judaism, and all the other isms—tells me far more than just his words.  While he may not be an avowed Muslim, he certainly fooled many of us here in Middle America.

*The beginning of a recent commercial shows a 33 1/3rpm record on a turntable, just being started with the stylus.  I guarantee that over half the people watching this commercial have no idea what that is.  I mean, there are a large number of students out there who can’t even read a dial clock.  But they know all about filling a syringe to shoot up, or smoking marijuana. Or spending hours of time playing computer games, and texting and talking on cell phones.  And these students grow up to be adults who vote for the latest Liberal fad.

*Beginning in 2012, Americans must deal with the scheduled banning of regular, incandescent light bulbs, beginning with the 100w type.  The 75w and 60w and 40w will be banned through 2014.  According to my research, three-way bulb won’t be affected.  But, as with most government mandates, the cost of lighting will go up significantly for most of us.  And we’ll have to deal with the mercury hazards.  I wonder if Obama will create a light bulb czar [high pay, great perks, little actual work: no experience necessary, though bull throwing an asset.]

Per – “Critics of Thomas Edison’s invention argue it uses more energy to produce light than the compact fluorescent, or CFL, bulb.  While standard light bulbs cost about 50 cents, the spiral CFL sells for about $3. Advocates argue, however, the CFL lasts five years longer and uses about 75 percent less energy.  But as WMD reported, the presence of small amounts of highly toxic mercury in CFLs poses problems for consumers when breakage occurs and for disposal when bulbs eventually burn out. The potential environmental hazard created by the mass introduction of billions of CFLs with few disposal sites and a public unfamiliar with the risks is great.”

And yes, I know the bill was passed in 2007, before the advent of Obama.  But it was foisted on us by the Democrat Congress.

— Consumers generally are unaware of the risks of CFLs, and recycling experts say the solutions are at least five years away.  The Department of Energy, nevertheless, is encouraging citizens to take a pledge to replace at least one incandescent bulb with a CFL. This is a disgrace.  I’ve found that the CFLs do not last for five years or anything close to it.  And, like most others, I just throw them away.  We have no ‘hazardous’ material pick-ups or storage around here.  Consequently, all that mercury continues to build up in our landfills.  Next on the left’s agenda will be the banning of light bulbs in favor of whale-oil lamps.

According to  “As the Insider Report disclosed earlier, while CFLs use about 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last far longer, they cost significantly more, take longer to turn on, can flicker, and contain small amounts of highly toxic mercury, which creates problems for users when they break or need to be disposed of after they burn out…’Environmental activists and their allies in Washington were either too ignorant of basic economics to see these job losses coming, or they were simply too callous to really care,’ said Heartland Institute science director Jay Lehr…’Either way, compact fluorescent light bulbs in the real world fail to live up to environmental promises, unnecessarily subject American households to toxic mercury, produce poor-quality light, and are sending American workers to the unemployment line…”Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are the least expensive alternative [to incandescent.] But the manufacture of CFLs is “labor intensive and too expensive to be done at U.S. wage rates,” according to a report from The Heartland Institute, which estimates that domestically produced CFLs would be 50 percent more expensive than bulbs manufactured in China…So instead of retrofitting its plant in Winchester, VA., to produce CFLs, GE closed the plant in September and laid off 200 workers.  CFLs are already being manufactured in China, and increasing American demand will no doubt create new jobs there.”

This whole ban is a ridiculous victory for the environmental wackos that hurts the American pocketbooks and sends jobs overseas to China.  A few Republicans have already introduced a bill in Congress to cancel the ban.  With a Republican majority in Congress soon, it has a great opportunity to pass—veto proof.

I wonder though.  As it stands now, do you think the comic strips will have to change their ‘idea’ symbols to the CFL as well?

*From ‘Maxine’ in an email I received recently:  “Let me get this straight. We’re going to be “gifted” with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don’t, Written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn’t read it and whose Speaker states we will pass it to see what it says, and by a congress that exempts themselves from it, to be signed by a president who also smokes, With funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, to be overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese, and financed by a country that’s broke.– What the hell could possibly go wrong?”  — I couldn’t have said it better, Maxine.

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