Friends, a short time ago, I received an email from my brother [the well-known ‘dhimmitude’ email], and I passed it on to a few others.  Recently, I received back a nasty comment of an email, and I wanted to answer it.  If, after reading this you still disagree with me, by all means comment on it—or if you need anonymity, email me at

Here is the email:  “In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, this is bull. Please don’t send me things that are not carefully fact checked, no matter how much you think they support racism and religious intolerance.”

To my Liberal friend:

First to the actual words on your email.  What I sent you is not ‘bull, I do know the facts, and I resent your insult about racism and religious intolerance.  For the latter, you owe me an apology.  Make sure you provide one.

In re your reference to Fact  I assume you know the difference between apples and oranges?  Now, I’ve plowed through the ObamaCare law completely.  Have you?  Fact Check is talking about health insurance per the employer point of view.  [The entity who’s supposed to offer the insurance.] —and I wouldn’t take a terrorist leaning group’s quotes too seriously.  [CAIR]  The whole Fact Check article talks about health insurance from only one point of view, which doesn’t refute anything in the subject email since the latter is based on the personal point of view: i.e., the person who’s supposed to buy the insurance.  A simple but profound difference.  Fact Check [a Liberal site] is so quick to attack an email that it backs it’s own claim by talking about something else.  And you didn’t pick up on the difference?

The writer of the original email may have been upset, though I think it was written purposely to get others upset…a sort of wake-up call—something that’s certainly needed.  And PC Democrats/Liberals are in great need of it.  As the old joke goes about the recalcitrant talking mule, ‘you have to hit him over the head with a two x four to get his attention.  And sometimes hyperbole can be very effective when warning people about the dangers confronting them.

Many Islamic scholars [such as Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajjid] “…criticize the system of conventional insurance [health or otherwise] as exploitive and unjust…”  The many illegal Muslims [read terrorists, because that’s why they’re here illegally] will demand free healthcare when they need it.  Someone who’s willing to blow himself up is certainly not going to shell out money to buy a detested insurance policy.  His 72 virgins wouldn’t approve.  The part of the ObamaCare law  pertaining to exemptions is very vague and open to interpretation, which is how laws are written so as to provide wiggle room and increase the income of lawyers in general.  And this one will be exploited—probably by more than the Amish and the Muslims.  But based on the Washington climate at the moment, the Muslims get pretty much whatever they want, and that includes this exemption.

In a recent poll it was said that 45% of the Muslim responders would seek an exemption:  “I would seek an exemption on religious grounds.  I believe conventional insurance is haraam [an Arabic term meaning forbidden.]

The term ‘dhimmitude’ was first used in 1982 by Lebanese President Bachia Gemayel.  It was based on the Arabic word ‘dhimmi’, a protected [read subjugated,] non-Muslim resident in a Sharia law state.  ‘Dhimmitude’ was meant to mean concession, surrender, and appeasement toward Islamic demands.  And that’s exactly what’s happening in our country today.

French writer Bat Ye’or [in an Italian magazine] used the term to ‘represent a behavior dictated by fear [terrorism], pacifism when aggressed.’ ‘By their peaceful surrender to the Islamic Army [terrorists and maniacs—you know the kind], they obtained the security for their life, belongings and religion, but they had to accept a condition of inferiority, spoliation, and humiliation.’  When the entire Muslim world is shouting death to the West, beheading and bombing people, and using petro-dollars to fund all sorts of terrorism throughout the World—including against their fellow Muslims; when they dance in the streets at the news of the fall of the World Trade Center buildings—these are the attempts to subjugate the West and force it to accept Muslim presence and culture, in effect to force ‘dhimmitude.’  [And the conquest Muslim center near ground zero is another slap in the face.]

The purpose of the original email—though I would have prepared it differently—is to shock people to wake up and see what is happening in this Country, especially in this administration.  When the President kowtows to foreign potentates; sends state laws to the UN for review; bankrupts the economy; follows junk science; takes over private businesses; appoints socialists, crooks and tax cheats to Federal offices; attempts to force socialism on the country; and even refuses to release his birth and education records, what are the people supposed to think and do?

Nowhere in the original email is there a mention of race or racism.  You have simply followed the Liberal mantra of injecting ‘racism’ into anything you want, probably just to muddy the waters.  I thought you were smarter than that.  And, if you’d ever read my blogs, you’d see that I never present racist writing or thoughts nor do I condone them.  If I ever mention the subject, I’m specific about it.  We are talking here about Muslims, and they can be of any race.  So don’t read your own motives into someone else’s writing so you can throw out the term ‘racism’ and feel good about yourself.

As to religion, you won’t find religious intolerance in the original email or in anything I’ve ever said or wrote.  I consider Islam a violent cult, not a religion.  It’s akin to the Thuggee cult of in 19th Century India.  There’re also the violent ‘Kali’ or ‘Kali Ma’ cults—men hating ones.  And Islam proves itself as a violent cult every day with its innate barbarism [female circumcision, beheadings, ‘honor’ killings etc.] and misogyny.  It’s a cult that seems stuck in the seventh Century.  So don’t feed yourself with the pap that: people genuinely afraid of the growing Muslim presence and influence create an act of religious intolerance.  They don’t. [Who we need is a modern-day Charles ‘the Hammer’ Martel.]  Despite what Obama says, this is a predominantly Christian Country.  And most people want it to remain so.

One sentence in the original email I have a beef with is: ‘The ObamaCare bill is the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States.’  I can acknowledge that this statement isn’t true—at least on the face of it.  But one must take into consideration the whole ObamaCare law.  The entire law leaves enough loopholes to make Socialism and dhimmitude perfectly reasonable inferences from the details.  And people all around the Country are genuinely in fear.  [To paraphrase from the Terminator: ‘it will not stop, and it’ll keep on coming until it conquers you.’]  Between that fear and the economic, social, political disaster based in the Congress and the White House, you can see where all the anger is coming from.

I also take exception to the idea that ‘Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured.  Islam considers insurance to be ‘gambling’, ‘risk-taking’, and ‘usury’ and is thus banned.  Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this.’  — There is no specificity in the law.  These complaints are a little over the top, but they indicate what the fearful public is experiencing with the Democrats [Nancy Pelosi] saying ‘we have to pass the bill so we can know what’s in it’, the President kowtowing to anything foreign, and the easy acceptance of everything Muslim in the White House.  Most people, including Representatives and Senators still haven’t read and don’t know what’s in the law.  Just try to quiz one.

So, ,,, , if you want discourse, then by all means start one with me.  Either email me your comments or add them to the blogs.  And be specific with real examples of your concern.  Don’t just call things you don’t agree with ‘bull’ or throw in ‘racism’ because as a Liberal you think you think you have to.

I’m sending a modified copy of this to all the people I forwarded the original email to—just in case there are some Liberals out there who might think like you and need their minds opened.

Keep an open mind when reading the articles linked below .  You might learn something.  Both Dr Walter Williams and Dr Thomas Sowell are respected economists, teachers, and authors.  And I suggest you do your own thinking and research on subjects for discussion, and stop relying on Liberal tripe.  Your mind will feel cleaner.

Walter Williams

Thomas Sowell

Mervyn F Bendle

“Wherever Islam goes, so goes its ethos.” – Amil Imani


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