The Elephant and the Donkey

*Whyfore the Donkey?  It first appeared as a symbol for the Democrat Party in the time of Andrew Jackson [1830s.]  It continued as a symbol, along with a [crowing] rooster up through the 1880s.  Thomas Nast, the cartoonist, first used the Donkey symbol in an 1870 cartoon, ‘A Live Jackas*s Kicking a Dead Lion.  The donkey [or as*s] has long been the representation of ignorance, and we can find examples in Aesop’s ‘Fables,’ Apuleius’s ‘The Golden As*s,’ and Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’  In the twentieth—and now the twenty-first—century, the donkey symbol has grown to be the perfect denotation of what the Democrat Party is and and how it acts:  Common sense!  Common decency!  Common truth!  Oh, wherefore art thou in the heart of the left?

On the other hand, the Republicans have the Elephant.  Since Roman times, the Elephant has been a sign of strength.  It seems to have been applied as a representation of the Republican Party since an Illinois newspaper used it in commenting on the 1860 Presidential Campaign of Abraham Lincoln.  Cartoonist Thomas Nast, who was a steadfast Republican, cemented its use [as best a cartoonist could] in welcoming the Elephant as the symbol for Republican Party in an 1874 cartoon.  He was attracted by the animal’s great size, intelligence, strength, and dignity.

Hmmm.  Should I choose a Party with a symbol of ignorance or a symbol of strength, intelligence and dignity?  A really hard decision, isn’t it?  Especially since the symbols fit the parties so well.

*Treasury pays out 8 times the income during March:  Sounds about right for a bankrupt Country.

*George Soros is at it again.  “The country could, actually, absorb some more debt in order to get the economy going,” George Soros told Bloomberg television over the weekend.  [a few weeks ago]  Just as an example, let’s reduce Soros’ income to less than his expenses and freeze all his assets.  I wonder how long he could get by with more borrowing?  What is his limit?  With frozen assets and a poor income flow, he’d be bankrupt very soon.  [and his World would be falling to pieces around him—not a bad thing.]

*We note that the California Federation of Teachers has voiced support for a convicted cop killer [Muslim.]  The union is putting itself up as a judicial organization of the pardon while it’s idling around—sometimes even teaching our kids the basics of socialism and weenie-ism.

*We have the Muslim nations of Africa and the Middle East in turmoil.  Some in the West are hailing these revolutions as a victory for Democracy.  I see it as a consolidation of the Muslim Brotherhood and the complete subjugation of the citizens in each Country as they all mass together to forge Muslim influence.  Things won’t get better, nor will the citizenry have any freedom in the long run.  They’ll get worse with the Muslim religious fanatics taking over Country after Country while all the population is pushed back into 7th Century living quality—except for the elite Muslims, of course.


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