Good-bye Osama! Wave to Adolphe!

*I’m very glad Osama bin Ladin is dead.  I applaud the efforts of the US Navy Seal Teams and the Intelligence backing them.  I applaud the action of Obama giving the go-ahead for a dangerous foray into a foreign Country—knowing there will be backlash.  The success of this raid took many years of planning and effort from the US Military, the US Intelligence Services, and the administration of George Bush to set the stage for Barack Obama to act.

The question now is:  where’s the proof?  Any and all photos and videos need to be released immediately no matter the sudden Victorian prudery of the Administration.  I think the people who experienced their love ones being torn to pieces on 9/11 can bear to see the bloodied body of a homocidal maniac.  Besides, for an Administration slowly pushing us financially and socially into the dark ages, I find it’s reticence to show the photos curious.  Is it the low poll numbers?  Does he need to stretch this one success out?  Why does it take so long for him to come to an obvious decision?  Since Obama has never been particularly honest, how can we believe him now?  Does it really take that long to photoshop?

I have no objection to the washing of bin Ladin’s body and dressing it in a shroud like he always carried around with him.  But I stop short at approving the quick burial at sea with a religious funeral.  Bury him at sea?  Just throw him to the sharks.  Religious funeral?  He wasn’t a Muslim.  In fact, I don’t think he was much of anything.  And we needed to delay burial and examine his body with a little more detail.

By the time you read this, I’m sure some Resolution has been made by Obama [as long as it’s not his scratched desk, right?.]  Let’s hope it’s the correct one.

*Why doesn’t Al-Quaeda give their bombers a little taste before killing themselves?  Oh, I see.  All the Muslim virgins are gone.  They’ve been murdered and raped as part of the Muslim culture.  So, the logical question appears.  Where are all these virgins in the Muslim Heaven going to come from?  There are only so many convents that the Muslim tribes haven’t destroyed.  Don’t any of the potential bombers wonder about this dearth of glory?  Of course not.  They’re still mired in the Seventh Century, fantasies and all.

*Donald Trump has shown his Democrat/Liberal leanings in the past using invasive government to do his bidding, so why is he suddenly declaring Republican and Presidential candidate?  He’s very smart, and very tricky.  He’s totally for Obama, and anything he does is calculated to help Obama get re-elected.  By bringing up the birth certificate of Obama [he really hasn’t shown a real US one], he gains notoriety and some Conservative backing, and he defuses the issue for the election cycle.  By declaring himself Republican [and then Independent when he isn’t the Republican candidate] he gathers much support.  All the current Trump criticism about Obama cannot to be trusted.  His plan is to go Independent and siphon votes from the Republicans, thus leading to a victory by Obama.  He’ll probably get a Cabinet or Czar appointment in return.  No thanks Mr Hairy ego.  You’re too Liberal for us.  [Another pertinent opinion, this one by Michelle Malkin:  ]

*Per Fox News in early April:  “…Girl feels excluded by the words ‘Heavenly Father’ and ‘amen’ on banner in school’s auditorium…”  I saw and heard this girl in a video clip, and she’s nothing but an ACLU shill looking for her fifteen minutes.  It’s clear that she’s being manipulated by her lawyer and ACLU.  The Constitution guarantees the free expression of religion.  Atheism is not a religion.  Therefore, she has no right to interfere with other’s freedom of religious expression.  ACLU—via this girl—is upset at ‘Heavenly Father’ and ‘Amen’ but have not problem with rap music’s often disgusting lyrics, the murder of unborn children, or the continued Democrat attack on the US.  A pox on her, and the usual pox on those idiots at ACLU.

*Does President Obama have a passport?  Does he need one?  If so, how can he get one without a real birth certificate?

*As heard on the Glen Beck program and in print elsewhere: “…The State Department reportedly will propose a new questionnaire for ‘some’ passport applicants — an otherwise uneventful bit of news if it weren’t for the questions themselves. Nearly impossible to remember details such as all addresses since birth, lifetime employment history including employer and supervisor names, addresses, and telephone numbers; mother’s address one year prior to your birth and on and on and on. Fail to provide any details? It ‘may result in the denial of your U.S. passport application’ the form states. Why in the world would they want to do this?..” — Keep all this in mind when you think about the President.  He didn’t have to answer any questions to be a candidate or President.  He didn’t even prove he’s a citizen of the United States—and why would someone pay millions of dollars to keep his birth certificate and student records and records of his State Senatorship secret if there is nothing to hide?


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  1. From the latest news we know now that Obama couldn’t make up his mind about the bin Ladin raid, being his usual wishy-washy self. We’re told that Obama was never in charge and was being manipulated—predominately by Valerie Jarrett. As we all know from the past few years, this man is not a leader. He had to be dragged away from the golf course to even participate in the final bin Ladin raid planning. Look at the now famous photo of Obama and members of his Administration watching the real-time video of the raid. Does Obama look like he’s in charge? He looks like his presence there is an after thought, and he was humbly sitting to the side while the adults ran the session. And now we’re told that he wont release any of the raid photos of the dead Osama bin Ladin. We’re supposed to believe him that the death occurred? Believe a President who uses lies and misinformation to administer his Presidency? We’re supposed to believe that this whole event [including photo ops at Ground Zero] is not a political ploy to help his poll numbers? It took him two years of criticism to force him to release what he claims to be his birth certificate. Most knowledgeable people tell us that it: isn’t a birth certificate; has no seal; has been apparently photo shopped with info that is not in context with 1961 or other realities. Now, how long will we wait for the photos and videos? Will they be phot shopped? Doesn’t Obama know that they’ll be leaked as soon as an opportunity arises?

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